Haven't had your fill of holiday parties yet? Well we've got the perfect invitation for you. 

We're rallying the troops for an impromptu gathering of friends and family all day this Wednesday in the lovely city of San Francisco. Don't worry—this is far from another awkward holiday dinner where you crowd the local Benihana's with coworkers you're not the fondest of. It's a party with the Iron and Resin team.

So come one, come all! We'll have beverages throughout the day provided by some of our best booze-providing friends: Hotty Totties from Slow & Low and Moscow Mules from Salt Point. To further indulge in the holiday spirit, we'll be wrapping gifts and chowing down on festive snacks. So join us at the InR shop on 7 Columbus Ave this Wednesday. Can't wait to see you there!

December 18, 2017

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