Alright, we have something to fess up to: We’ve been doing a bit more than designing t-shirts and throwing weekend-long desert parties recently.

Our latest announcement has been a partnership long in the works that’ll be sure to have the old soul in all of us excited. On October 28th, we’ll be opening the doors of the Iron and Resin garage to welcome a live, solo acoustic performance from famed troubadour, The White Buffalo.

Jake Smith, the songwriter of over 5 studio albums from The White Buffalo, will be treating the Iron and Resin family to an exclusive performance of songs off of his 6th, critically acclaimed album. With multiple songs featured on Sons of Anarchy and a performance at Hooligan Hoedown V last year, Jake has made a dedicated fan base of the biking community.

His unique blend of Americana and rich storytelling around themes rooted in love, loss, outlaws and murder make for the timeless classics that we strive to create with our clothing and gear.

Will you be there? 

Private show is SOLD OUT

We think you’ll want to be! This intimate performance will have all the makings of a good night with cold 805 beer from Firestone Walker Brewing Company and Straight Rye Whiskey from Slow & Low.

Due to limited space, we’ll be limiting attendance to the first 50 people to purchase The White Buffalo’s latest album from any of our Iron and Resin shops or our online store. Each attendee will be allowed one guest. You can find store locations here. Good luck and hope to see you there!

About The White Buffalo

Smith’s songs, and the White Buffalo’s recordings, have struck a responsive chord with a large and diverse fan base, and won praise from critics across the media spectrum. NPR’s All Songs Considered hailed Smith as an “amazing storyteller,” while a recent cover story in the Los Angeles Times’ Sunday entertainment section noted, “Smith’s baritone echoes with villains and misfits, drunks and philistines. It curls through loneliness, sets out on crooked highways. It is an American voice cured in recession, war and betrayal, a resonant map where the spectral bleeds into dreams. But in it, like mica in slate, is the glint of redemption, flashing just long enough to allow a man to keep a bead on whatever goodness might dwell in him.”

Born in Oregon and raised in Southern California, he moved to the Bay area from Huntington Beach to pursue college on an athletic scholarship. From the moment he learned his first three chords on a guitar he got in a pawn shop, Smith began writing songs, which came quick and easy, though he kept them to himself. “I don’t analyze them as much as other people do,” Smith insists. “I prefer the songs do the talking for me. I’ve always been isolated, outside the system, and done it on my own. If you’re writing stuff that’s real, emotional and you believe will resonate with people, that’s what you have to do.”

A family man with a wife and two kids, The White Buffalo has retained Jake Smith’s DIY approach. Driving thousands of miles to dozens of cities, the band is a hard working, no frills outfit. They load their own gear, sell their own merchandise and pack it all up at the end of the night. From Bonnaroo to the smallest local neighborhood bar, The White Buffalo delivers its signature sound as if each show was its last.

The White Buffalo x Iron & Resin Interview from Iron & Resin on Vimeo.


October 19, 2017

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