From misfits to the mildly-mannered, the crowd at this year’s Hooligan Hoedown came together for one helluva weekend, let us tell you. The rag-time, barbecue and brew campout that is our annual Hooligan Hoedown did a damn good job of living up to our ever-increasing expectations.

If you were one of the many to partake in some healthy hooliganism for a few nights, we want to sincerely thank you for contributing to an awesome weekend.

If you missed out this time around, that’s okay—we’re glad you’re here now. You can catch the recap and be sure to get Hooligan Hoedown VII on the calendar 300+ days in advance.

So what’s the Hooligan Hoedown?

Glad you asked! We’ve been rallying the troops, whether they be on two wheels or four, for an annual weekend of camping, music, barbecue, and beer in Bandit Town USA. We don’t think there’s a better way to enjoy the California Fall weather than a couple desert nights with friends, and the last few Hoedowns haven’t let us down.

Who’s all there?

You (hopefully), a few friends, us, our friends, their friends, and whoever else wants to ride out and hang under the Central California stars—we’ll take the lot of you. But seriously, there’s nothing we’re excited about more than the diversity and good vibes that everyone manages to uphold for a few days. Man or woman, biker or surfer, misfit or mildly mannered; whoever is up to hoedown is there.

We’ve seen this thing grow from our garage (literally) into a full-blown Bandit Town Hoedown and we have no one to thank but the people that make it what it is.

What else is there?

Aside from the hoedown attendees willing to let loose for a couple nights, we do have a few amazing sponsors that the event wouldn’t be the same without. They’re the type of contributors that make a memorable night slightly less memorable. We’re talking booze.

805 Firestone Walker, Slow & Low, Salt Point, Union Wine—these guys and gals contributed a crucial piece to the puzzle of any successful weekend. There’s no better way to meet new friends than over a few cold brews or a couple old fashioneds. Cheers to you.


But to be fair, there’s a bit more than just booze and people. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite brands that share a similar passion for rowdy nights in the desert. Red Wing, Yeti, and Arbor Skateboards are just a few of the familiar faces you’ve seen filling out the shelves of the InR stores and they came through to help support another successful Hoedown.

When’s the next one?

Next year! The Hooligan Hoedown’s lucky number 7th year will surely be another one for the record books. Want in? You’ll have to hang tight for a few months, but you can stay tuned by following us on social or sign up for our emails at the bottom of the page. Can’t wait to see you there!

October 18, 2017

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