We strive to provide quality and durability in every stitch of our clothing—and that might be the truest when it comes to our bottoms collection. Whether you're out riding for the weekend, working in an office, or relaxing at home, we want you outfitted in top tier gear. Here's a breakdown of some of our more notable styles.

Enduro Denim

Our Enduro Denim jeans are named for the cross-country motorcycle races for a reason—they’re meant to endure. The Dyneema thread woven into our favorite pair of dungarees is a type of Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) and offers maximum strength with minimum weight - not the sacrifice of one for the other.

For example, Atlantic Braids conducted a strength comparison test using Dyneema Rope, and steel cable. The steel cable snapped at 14,478 lbs, sending spindles of sharp steel around in a flurry. The Dyneema Rope, weighing a fraction compared to the steel cable, snapped cleanly in two at 18,857 lbs.

That’s unreal. Imagine having steel woven through your jeans. Except… This is 4,400 lbs stronger and lighter. The Dyneema thread is also corrosive resistant. Including 5 -10% Dyneema® increases the abrasion resistance of denim by 250-600%, tear resistance by 50-100%, and tensile strength by 25-100%.

Know what we thought when we first read that? These would make for damn good pants.

Union Work Pant

We’re all familiar with a hard day’s work. Getting your hands dirty, working outside—when you’re putting in the sweat to get a job done, it helps to be wearing a reliable pair of pants. The 100% 12 oz cotton ensures you’ll be feeling limber and ready for whatever the day throws at you.

But even a simple man can appreciate a few bells and whistles sometimes, which is why we doubled down on the layering of the knee panels and rear cuffs on these badass britches. Throw in a utility pocket for extra storage and you’ve got the new undisputed workhorse of your wardrobe that will fit better and better as you break them in.

With Slate, Olive, Khaki, Brown, Railroad Denim—we’ve got a different style for everyday of the work week.

Tradesman Pants

The Tradesman is a dynamic pair of pants. Consider these our take on the classic chino for the not-so-pretty boy. They might be most at home on the trail, but won’t look out of place either when you’re out painting the town red with a ladyfriend. So go ahead and clothe your lower half with pants that can do both—rock the tradesman.

Made from breathable cotton and selvedge twill to provide denim-like durability, these guys look sharp but act tough. They’re all bark and plenty of bite. But enough with the idioms and check out the pants.

January 09, 2018

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