We’re not envious of much. Year-round blue skies and mid 70s weather don’t leave us Californians with much to desire, but at Iron and Resin HQ, we’ve got a weak spot for sweet garages—and at the top of our list of envied bike shops is none other than Lucky Wheels Garage.

The LA team behind lucky wheels is about a lot more than spare parts though; their focus on community, education, and DIY culture has made the DTLA location a hub for novices and veterans alike.

We talked to Ty about the inspiration behind the community space and what’s in store for Lucky Wheels in 2018. Read on for what he had to say:

InR: How do you describe Lucky Wheels?

LW: Lucky Wheels is a Do-It-Yourself Community Motorcycle Garage located in Boyle Heights, just east of Downtown Los Angeles. We provide the space, tools, and help for the DIY wrenchers and fabricators to work on their own bikes in the comfort of a professional motorcycle shop. We offer a day pass for $35 and a monthly, all access membership for a flat $100/month. The shop is decked out with 7 lifts, a ton of hand tools both metric and SAE, specialty tools for electrical and engine service, a full fabrication shop with MIG and TIG welders, frame jig, tubing bender, the list goes on and on.

Our goal is to create a fun, non-intimidating environment that fosters learning, creativity, hard work, and friendship. Over the two years we have been open, we have met some really rad people, seen some truly astonishing bikes get built, and see our members push themselves beyond their comfort zones and succeed. In addition to our workspace, the shop is a social hub for LA's motorcycling community, and we regularly host events at the shop ranging from the Women's Motorcycle Show and The Velvets Rodeo, to our own events like Chicken Shit Bingo and the White Lightning Campout.

InR: What was the inspiration behind the shop?

LW: We started the shop with the thought in mind that you shouldn't have to own thousands of dollars worth of tools in order to work on your own bike, and that no one should have to go at it alone if they don't want to. Jackson and I grew up in Texas and always had a place to work on our own projects, be it a friend's house, a relative, or a garage of our own. After moving to Downtown LA, we realized that a lot of riders had the desire to work on their own bikes, and learn about them, but had no space or tools to get started. Hence, Lucky Wheels.

InR: Anything new you guys have in the works?

LW: The newest development over at the shop is Lucky Wheels Coffee - a full service coffee bar in a shipping container right next door. We're super stoked to add more to the social aspect of the shop, and now riders have a great place to stop by for some hangs even if they don't need to twist a wrench.

January 12, 2018


james said:

what a brilliant idea and what a lovely looking place. Start one in england please! We might not have the 365 days of blue skies and sunshine but we do have a motorbiking community in need of this :)

patrick said:

How cool is this place! Wish there was a place near my hometown of Asbury Park like this!

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