Lost Sasquatch x Iron & Resin:

Jordan Kepler of Lost Sasquatch Provisions in Santa Ynez, CA is dedicated to a very specific craft. a craft of purpose, quality, and passion. when we discovered that he was using that very equation to hand-make knives in his very own backyard workshop, we had to get our hands on a few.

exclusive to Iron & Resin is this very collection of Lost Sasquatch x Iron & Resin knives. forged by hand less than 75 miles from our headquarters in Ventura, CA. we collaborated on three unique blade styles that range from a bowie style knife to an everyday carry survival blade, so there are number of options. these were made in limited quantities, and can only be found right here or at our retail store.

handmade, from start to finish.

every knife is made from AEBL steel that Jordan hand shapes, grinds, heat treats and finishes. beware because these are sharpened to a razor edge and can split a hair right down the middle with minimal effort. each knife style fits really well in the palm of the hand, whether you'll be prepping food or splitting wood. the handle scales are Ipe Wood, which is known for being one of the strongest species of hardwood out there; so you know it'll last.

each knife from our limited edition collaboration with Lost Sasquatch also comes with a handcrafted leather sheath, that was made to specifically fit that exact blade. since each one of these were forged from start-to-finish completely by hand, the sheaths also had to be made to an exact fit. easily loop your belt through for everyday style carry. Jordan provided us with a care guide pamphlet that comes in every shipment with these knives.

the lost sasqautch workshop in santa ynez, ca

finishing off the coyote knife, a true survival knife at heart

the lost sasquatch anvil, where every knife's shape begins

some of the finishing details on our collaboration blades

heirloom quality. built for a specific purpose.

forging something by hand takes master skill, patience, and focus that doesn't come around too often with today's modern man. so when you come across something that displays that kind of craftsmanship, there's a slim chance you're going to pass it up.