Triumph vs Porsche Wanna race? Two words. That’s pretty much all it ever takes. Two words and a stretch of open road. Mano-a-mano. A gentlemen’s wager and to the victor goes the spoils. And the spoils are rarely more than bragging rights and the first round paid for. 

Our buddy Nico rolled into town in his ’63 356 coupe and proceeded to lay down the challenge. Our man Tommy accepted and brought his ’71 fire-breathing Triumph to the line. An out and back course on a stretch of dusty, deserted coastal road was chosen. Clutch, throttle and a quick run through the gears and they were off in a cloud of dust. Winning isn’t always about crossing the line first. It’s not always the guy next to you that you worry about. Your biggest challenge in any race is yourself. We’re all in the race. Finishing is important, but racing is more important.

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Photos: Mike Krantz

’63 356 coupe: Fourtillfour

April 21, 2016

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