How did Do It Yourself become a buzz term? Almost pathetically, everything in this world has edged closer to full automation. Despite it, our generation of wheelers and dealers have made a push toward a self-taught, self-employed, and small-business mind set. Lucky Wheels is true to form when they claim the DIY shit-kicking ethos. After gassing it out the doors of the entertainment industry, these three southern gentleman set out to build a garage with a mission to foster a community of BAMFs around one common instrument: the wrench.

The founders’ pilgrimage west strummed only the most punk-rock of motorcycle chords. After outgrowing their space in Austin, they set out to test their might in the sizzle of Hollywood. In the wake of years as dog-tired lighting techs, their craving for more wrench time naturally took shape in the form of Lucky Wheels.

Fast forward 7 months and 50 members later, this place is a bustling society that cultivates an accessible learning environment. The shop offers no services and exists solely as a learn-at- your-own-pace mechanics space. Worry not, if you are a total noob new to the bike, you can take basic classes at the shop on maintenance and fabrication to aid in your build out. Otherwise, you can just keep that old BSA in stellar working condition. Along with the camaraderie of the garage, the owners’ Southern hospitality is presented in full force when they decide to throw a proper shindig. From chicken shit bingo to a bad ass handle bar arm wrestling table, this is a rage ready garage.

Lucky Wheels is truly an ego free atmosphere that boasts a humble attitude and an open door policy to answer any question (well, almost). Monthly events and epic group rides make this place a true community supported garage. Head into the shop to get your hands dirty and hang with good people you could normally never meet. Look out soon for some Iron & Resin / Lucky Wheels antics, we are cooking up something tasty with these gents.

Checkout Lucky Wheels Garage in Downtown L.A.

Photos: Jonny Bourgault

Words: Anthony Masters

July 11, 2016

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