Often times the motorcycles we obsess over live loudly and impossibly in our heads. But every once in a while, it manifests, or rather it comes within reach...and we can't help ourselves.

Such is the case with 'El Guapo, a hardtail 1956 Triumph T110 pre unit. Matching numbers, perfect lines, simple colors, and a motor you would eat off of if your girl wouldn't disown you for doing so. A long time Southern California machine, the motorcycle traveled through many hands, most notably George Omo and Tom Robinson, who began and finished the project, respectively, at different stages of its history.

Reading the history of this motorcycle is an experience. Found as a matching frame and motor in a deceased collectors fleet, including a NOS bare cylinder head, magneto, slick shift gear box, and rust free Wassel tank. Add some re-chroming, finishing pin stripes, an Avon front/Firestone rear, Bates original leather...and the perfect machine began to take shape.

Being completely built without being run has it's own caveats, and Tom Robinson of
BBC Triumph in Ventura, CA was the man to solve the mysteries. Fresh oil lines, clutch, fuel delivery, and tuning were put to rest by the salty Englishman, and now it's a one kick machine.

Even though it looks like a trailer queen, it's often a favorite for a morning hot lap, or a trip up the coast for some swell checking. First gear is a task that will throw you from seat to fender, and without hesitation it will be in 4th asking for salt. Sometimes our two wheeled wishes are answered, only to impress over and over again.

Enjoy a little eye candy, and enjoy a cruise upon visit! Here here for the next adventure!

May 15, 2013

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