We made our up to Willow Springs raceway this weekend to enjoy some vintage AHRMA Motorcycle racing, vintage bike show and swap meet. Yoshi from the Garage Company has been putting on this event for 17 years now and it seems to be getting better and better every year. This year was definitley not an exception. The weather was perfect for racing and collection of people and vintage race bikes was the best we've seen in a long while. What made our trip even better was that our good friend and talented throttle turner Sean "Sparky" I'Anson demolished the field in the Sound of Singles race and nearly won the Battle of the Twins and took second on an SV that was not running well due to a bunk cam.
This was one of the best bikes at the track.

This one was a close second. Another BSA, but from a biased point of view.

This is "NOT-A-BSA...

And neither was this.

Let's play the find the BSA logo game.

Chicken Hawk was my nickname given to me by my father after an "eagle" tattoo I got at 17.

I know monkeys are smart...but who knew you could get them to swing off the back off a motorcycle at over 140!

Mr. I'Anson literally laying it down against the competition.

4 laps in and the competition couldn't keep themselves in sight of him.

This is what a TZ250 looks like with a 660 5 valve single Raptor motor stuffed into it.

This is "Sparky" being an asshole after the race.

May 15, 2013

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