This weekends inaugural Second Sunday ride had such a great turnout. Thanks to all who came out and joined us for such a great day of amazing roads, weather and a first-class group of Freedom Riders. See you for next month's Second Sunday ride.

The gathering of men and machines around 9:00am.

A few took advantage of needed caffine and sugar jolt for the coming miles.

60 winding miles up the road and the arrival to Camp Sheideck sends you back in time.

A few shady characters discussing cornering techniques or some other BS.

A welcomed sight for thirsty travelers.

Never, ever question an establishment that has a Jackalope on the wall...Never!

Or has a bar top that is completely filled with pocket knife carvings.

Or a window filled with stickers from all the local MC's.

No one dared to test this.

I guess our ride was the wrong weekend.

The Hooligan is still healing...but great to see him "back in the saddle".

More dangerous than the Rabid Shih Tzus but not as scary as the Rabid Rottweilers...only because they're handicapped.

Underestimation of fuel range...but only by a mile or so.

May 15, 2013

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