For our second monthly 'Second Sunday Ride' we cruised up to the vintage motorcycle museum located in Solvang, CA.  Just over an hour of a ride, we took the 101 only as far as we needed, and were quickly in the canyons behind Santa Barbara to enjoy the rolling hills and autumn oaks.

Of course we started at the I&R Garage for some donuts, coffee and heckling.

Curtis and Cierra took the Ural...not sure if Cierra knew Curtis was planning to spend most of the day on only two wheels.

Greg's shovelhead chop was a welcomed addition to the crew this weekend.

But unfortunately it was having a bit of an electrical issue and couldn't make the rest of the ride.

Finally off the highway and into the hills

Our wounded hooligan Tommy T and his beez were all healed up and cruising just fine at speed

Even in a tough economy, James Dean can find a job as a greeter.


Vincent land speed record holder? Yes.'Please do not touch, or jrool.'

Back on the road for some lunch

Cierra being a savage.

Movember in full swing at Cold Springs Tavern.

Always good to have a few of the fairer side to keep us grounded or tell us we're nuts.

Was a great ride to be a part of, and fun showing some new folks to the group a few hidden gems in our area. We hope we have even more for next time, as we finish up the ride at David Mann's Chopperfest at the Ventura County Fairgrounds. Should be a great time, checking out the bikes and enjoying the winter sun.

May 15, 2013

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