After a little well deserved rain, this weekend couldn't have been a better one for riding.  All of the usual suspects came along for the ride, which took us from our home base at The Garage through the farms to Santa Paula, and over the 150 into the Ojai Valley.  One of our shorter rides, but definitely one of the most beautiful so far. 




Free donuts...get's 'em every time!












Deer Lodge in Ojai, CA for some tritip sandwiches, bloody marys and some serious biker people watching.




Drew, ponderous or confused.





Best/Worst plate award.


Best/Worst wheel award. 26" and probably worth more than my motorcycle.


Curtis and The Tavern crew! And, only one bike was lost the whole day...if you can call Curtis's Hooligan scooter a bike.



Short and sweet on a beautiful day to ride. Save up your energy for next month, we are heading for a campout in the mountains! Stay tuned for a flyer, but keep 4/20-4/21 open, we are heading to the hills for some BBQ, some tunes, and some whiskey.

May 15, 2013

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