We just got back from the run to Camp Scheideck, and couldn't help but get some photos out to everyone!  A little sunburn, a lot of whiskey, some serious bbq, and tunes into the wee hours of the morning made for a great evening in the mountains with friends old and new.

First off, thank you to everyone who came! What a great turnout for our first campout event.  There must have been between 30-40 bikes and a couple of classic cars in the main group that left The Garage with us!  Definitely had a couple hundred folks in throughout the night!

Secondly, thank you to our hosts at Reyes Creek, and the bands that performed all night! Big thanks to Zeltzer and the Tortoise, Big Jugs, and Blackout Party for keeping the music going all night.

Some photos!

Gassin' up in Ojai...last gas for 110 miles...tight mileage for some of the older bikes!  Just about to hit triple digit temps in the Ojai Valley, and most of us were ready to shed the layers we would need in the mountain pass.

Just an incredible custom that came out with us! A Noble Fabrication custom low rider.

Our very own Cierra, killing it as usual.

Just one of the many group campsites we commandeered throughout the day at Camp Scheideck.

This guy. Camped out in his Falcon Wagon, and offered to bring back some of our gear to Ventura! Thanks Dan.

This is Wes from Ride Apart's personal I&R shop rag...apparently that hole is from a crash that burnt through his pants and our rag...

Lined up right next to the creek.

So much attitude...that's his 'I'm having a great time' finger. Greg from Winter Co.

Homestyle cooking in the hills!

All ages welcome! Carhartt overalls and all!

Scheideck is an old mining encampment, and adjacent to the campground is a great little ghost town.

One of the sponsors of the event, Bandit Brand owner Jen!

Let this be a teaser as to what it is like to see Big Jugs live!

The crowd, well fed.

Insert witty 'tipping' phrase here.

The raffle prizes included Red Wing boots, a Schott NYC jacket, Bell helmets, and gear from British Customs and Iron & Resin.

A different sort of child.

Once the temp started to drop, we headed indoors for more drinks, music, pool and dancing.

Needless to say, it was significantly colder waking up than riding in.

Definitely the coolest Sportster around, and kept the bikes wanting.

Unfortunately, Tommy T's (our wounded warrior hooligan!) meticulous BSA didn't finish the trip home.

A pair of police escorts. Samson, one of the Garage associates, is riding this thing cross country in a couple of weeks!

Out of the valley, and into the sun!

Needless to say, this is probably the best view I could hope for on a Sunday morning.

It was all good times this weekend, and thank you again to everyone who took part. Some thrills and spills, and tons of smiles with good folks. We are hoping to do this again and often, so stay tuned. If you have any photos of your own from the weekend, send them over to our facebook! There were a lot of people out, and we'd love to see how everyone's experience was! Ride safe. Iron & Resin!

May 15, 2013

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