A couple of the Iron & Resin family members took to the road for Hell on Wheels MC's annual Halloween Hillclimb! A little early for the holiday, but everyone was happy to slap some costumes together for the event.

Scott took out his Harley 45" flathead, one of the original bikes used for hill climbing! Rigid frame, springer front end, not much else.

Samson brought his pristine Kawi 100cc two-stroke, but multiple attempts at shade tree carb rebuilding couldn't get this one running long enough to hit the course.

Plenty of modern bikes raced the mx/hill course against the clock, while the rest of us really just tried not to dump the bike down the hill on the way up. After 3 attempts at the hill, Scott's trusty suicide shifter couldn't make it, leaving the bike upside down on the course while he tumbled a bit down himself. Connet of BA-Moto in Long Beach and Mike of the Trophy Motorcycles crew from San Diego both defeated the hill on their hard tail British beauties (Connet on his BSA, Mike on a Triumph) leaving Harley-Davidson to ask for a rematch next year.

Many thanks to Meatball and Hayden, and everyone who came out for a weekend of great vibes.

Photos courtesy of Scott Toepfer and Samson Hatae.

Nate Hudson, BA-Moto presidente, got a little excited and threw his fruity booty at everyone he could find. He also conquered the hill on his two-smoking Japanese chariot.

This about sums up the relationship that Nate and Scott have.

The always inspiring Toast came out with her Super 8mm! Always cheering on the knuckleheaded dudes, win or lose.

The Dangers... so much to see, so little to say. Fantastic showing considering how little they were leaving to the imagination! Great sports and showmen/women.

Fantastic photographer and killer sportsman, Nevin Pontius, of course jumped his 'Radbike' KZ650 off the finish of the hillclimb. Big smiles and always a pleasure to see.

October 15, 2013

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