When I first decided to take off on a criss cross journey around the country by motorcycle I knew I wanted some solid garments to be in. I picked up my Iron and Resin Rambler Jacket the day before the trip to wear and do some massive road testing in. I previously had been wearing some Red Wing Iron Rangers for a few months and knew they would be the boots for me to wear. The denim I picked up on the second day of the trip straight from the Tellason headquarters in San Francisco. I wanted a thicker pair to help cut out some of the elements while riding and knew that the 16.5oz John Graham Mellor jeans would be a great fit. Like any raw denim, they were pretty stiff at first, and throwing the leg over the saddle was difficult but got much easier with time and wear. They were put through the ringer right away with many hours in the sun, wind and dirt. Since I first got the jeans, they have seen well over 8,000 miles on a motorcycle, over 20 states, Canada, romping around in Baja, and many mornings thrown into a car after getting changed into a wetsuit. 10 months since first putting them on they are now my favorite and most comfortable pair of jeans. The fade, lines and tears have all come from real life breaking in, something you can only get with a quality pair of jeans that are made to last. There is still plenty of life left in them and I know they will just get better looking with age.


Courtesy of Samson Hatae

March 19, 2014

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