There are few critters as rooted in American folklore as the almighty Jackalope, also known by the scientific name, Lepus temperamentalus. A cross between the American "pigmy deer" and killer rabbit, the Jackalope is said to be able to elude capture by mimicking human voices and using phrases like, "There he goes! That-a-way!". During days of the Old West, when cowboys gathered by the campfires singing at night, Jackalopes could often be heard mimicking their voices. One of the few ways Jackalopes can be caught is to leave out a bottle of whiskey, the Jackalope's sustenance of choice. Jackalopes only breed during winter electrical storms, which help explain their extreme rarity. Wickedly dangerous if approached, one should always be wary when traveling in the back country - especially if carrying whiskey.

Compared to his other North American brethren, the Wampus Cat, Skunk Ape, Fur Trout and the Hoop Snake, the Jackalope is the most feared of all the fearsome critters. That's pretty much why we love 'em. In fact we're so obsessed with this cute but deadly varmint, we decided to hand print them all over our heavyweight 6oz. cotton twill fabric and sew them into our short sleeve button down work shirt, or as a western yolk on our short sleeve chambray work shirt. We even used this fabric to make our five panel camp hat. When you wear one of these Jackalope infused garments, you'll feel especially bad-ass and you may have an unexplainable craving for whisky. Grab yours HERE , or at your favorite Iron & Resin retailer.

May 09, 2014

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