it's true, if you were to hear us say that keeping a flask in your back pocket was a bad idea, then you’d be one gullible person. that’s because, we’d be lying. with the right occasion at hand, it’s a classic go-to. we guess that’s just those old-fashioned roots in us… hell, why not?⁠

there's always been a hardcore appreciation for the olden days. not only for our crew here, but for our friends at Slow & Low as well. American muscle, dusty saloons, strong whiskey, carefully crafted into a proper bottled old-fashioned (thanks, Slow & Low), wool baseball caps tucked away in weathered denim, hard work, and all the sh*t that our parents used to get away with. those nostalgic pieces of life inspire our brands to remain true to our roots on this current day: a history of hard-working makers, creatives, dreamers, builders, and artists alike, paving the way for the good times ahead.⁠

⁠you can call us old fashioned,
but we dig it.⁠

we've been lucky enough to have @drinkslowandlow by our side since the early days over here, supporting us with epic moments at local events - hint, hint, Hooligan Hoedown - and more. but when the gang at Slow & Low wanted to take it a step further this past year, we’d be out of our minds to pass that up.

a limited edition collaboration with Slow & Low

don't hesitate on heading over to Slow & Low's official merchandise page on their .com to check this limited edition collaboration capsule out. we only made a small amount of these, so we're pretty sure they are going to go super fast.

hit the link below to check it out and be on your way.

PS: Slow & Low put together this week's Music Monday. Give it a listen, it's a good one.

February 21, 2022

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