we all know those tees... those scratchy, itchy, stiff, cardboard resembling type. honestly, they only have on purpose in life: to be a shop rag.

our latest batch of tees are anything but that, because comfort comes standard. made from organic cotton, each-and-every-one will elevate your tee game (and thats a guarantee). whether you'll chuck it straight in the wash, or simply throw it on right out of the bag, we'll make a bet right now that you'll be wearing one of these tees for days in a row (and that's alright with us).

comfort: [com•fort]
a satisfying or enjoyable experience
also know as: wearing your favorite INR tee

our graphic tees are built from an organic cotton that's not only breathable, but thick enough to stand up to the beating of everyday life. meaning, they're going to last a really long time.our custom illustrated INR graphics are printed using the finest water-based inks, and we've eliminated those pesky neck tags, too. no more scratching your neck every 5-minutes - our neck labels are screen-printed as well.

the best part? we're dropping new styles regularly, so be sure to take a quick browse because it might be about time to refresh that quiver you have going on there.

January 16, 2022

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