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Enduro Denim Jeans, built to last.

Enduro Denim Jeans, built to last.

Denim jeans have always played a special role in the lives of hard working men.

From their origins as staple clothing for Gold Rush miners to resting around the waste of virtually every indie band to grace a stage, denim jeans have been a trusted partner through thick and thin. They're durable enough to withstand whatever you need them to and comfortable enough to feel good doing it—versatile enough to be made into jackets and shirts as well. 

At Iron and Resin, we take a special interest in our denim. From the dusty roads of Joshua tree to the sandy beaches of Southern California, we needed a material that would hold up. A pair of jeans that you could saddle on to your vintage Honda just as easily as you could throw on for a hard day's work. 

And what'd we come up with? Enduro Denim Jeans.

enduro denim

Named for the cross-country, off-road motorcycle races, these jeans are built from the ground up to handle any and all obstacles life throws at you. Here's a closer look at what makes the Enduro Denim Jeans the best built jeans money can buy. 


We’re more interested in how denim is made, rather than the history for this one. Before we get down to how denim is weaved, we first have to know a few terms in the textile process.

Namely, the warp and weft. These are the two basic components used in weaving to turn thread into a fabric. The warp yarns are held stationary, and vertical. Then, the weft line is drawn through and inserted over-and-under the warp threads. Think of it like a woven basket.

enduro denim pants
The most popular denim tends to be indigo denim, where the warp thread (the vertical lines) are dyed blue and the weft thread (the over-under thread) is left completely white. This is what causes the outside of blue jeans to be blue, and the inside white. It’s also what gives blue jeans that authentic “worn” look when the outer layer fades and exposes the white thread. This leads us to….


Dyneema thread is a type of Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) and offers maximum strength with minimum weight - not the sacrifice of one for the other.

For example, Atlantic Braids conducted a strength comparison test using Dyneema Rope, and steel cable. The steel cable snapped at 14,478 lbs, sending spindles of sharp steel around in a flurry. The Dyneema Rope, weighing a fraction in compared to the steel cable, snapped cleanly in two at 18,857 lbs.

That’s unreal. Imagine having steel woven through your jeans. Except… This is 4,400 lbs stronger and lighter. The Dyneema thread is also corrosive resistant. Including 5 -10% Dyneema® increases the abrasion resistance of denim by 250-600%, tear resistance by 50-100%, and tensile strength by 25-100%.

Know what we thought when we first read that? Motorcycles.

Look, we can’t hide it - motorcycles are dangerous. At least, more dangerous than cars. We have the unfortunate problem of not being strapped to a secured chassis. If our bike spins out of control or hits something… off we go. 

That’s what makes our Enduro Denim line so perfect for our riders. No one has time to strap up in full protective suits every time they hop on the bike. Plus, around here, we live in denim. Now, you don’t have to sacrifice one for the other.

We worked tirelessly with our friends at North Carolina’s Cone Mills to develop a denim jean that will hold up to our abusive lifestyles and won’t fail us when the going gets tough. These are American made jeans, reinforced with Dyneema in the actual yarn for an insane amount of protection for riders, everywhere.

We added a few nice bits to our design that most regular jeans don’t even carry. For instance, our Enduro Denim jeans come with an extra inch in the back belt liner, to keep your ass covered when you ride. Keeping a classic fit in the seat and thigh area, we gave the legs a slight tapering to keep your jeans looking formed and fitted - on the bike and off. Here’s the list of our Enduro Denim features:

12oz. Cone Mills Enduro Denim - 92% Cotton / 8% Dyneema
Most Functional, Rugged and Durable 5 Pocket Jean Ever Built
Mid Rise Waist - for the perfect fit and coverage
Western Style Pocket Shape - for easy access when standing or seated.
Classic Fit - in thighs and seat
Classic Tapered Fit - slight taper to cuff
Triple Needle Felled Rise and Back Yoke
9oz. Twill Reinforced Back Pockets
9oz. Black Twill Pocket Bags
Double Rear Belt Loop
Raw Veg-Tanned Leather Label
Custom I&R Copper Button and rivets
Made in the USA

See that last bit? We’re pretty proud of that.

These are the most durable pair of denim jeans on the planet. They’re made for riders. They’re made for you.

Get yourself a pair today - they may just be the last pair of jeans you’ll ever buy.

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