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That's a saying that can mean a lot in the days of social media facades and un-backed humblebrags. Luckily, our dedication to quality and authenticity has given us a keen eye into identifying who else is remaining a cut above the fray—and no one else is doing it quite like our friends at Prism Supply. Their gearhead love of bikes has become a force in the flourishing east coast motorcycle scene and their garage is one we can all envy! Check out the photos and description below. Photos courtesy of Jonathan Ryan Taylor.

Prism Supply

Born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina (Race City, U.S.A.), brothers Zach and Jake Hindes quickly grew an affinity for all things with an engine. From learning to work on their own bikes from an early age, to becoming deeply embedded in motorcycle culture, the Hindes brothers saw a need for a resurgence of quality, handcrafted, American made goods, and their motorcycles would become their subjects. Prism Supply exists to fill that void in modern consumerism, to design and manufacture quality parts and accessories crafted with a passion. From that, a band of brothers has formed internationally. Prism Supply is more than motorcycles. It’s a family.

"Ramble On, Brother" OFFICIAL TRAILER

A new short film from Prism Supply & Rob Russell
Releasing 2.4.18 at

The good ol' Prism boys are up to their usual southern antics again. In their third short film, a self-reflective old timer reminisces on his past of riding motorcycles with his closest friends and how those simple times are the ones he remembers most. “Ramble On, Brother” is a story of adventure and friendship. Kick up your boots, have a watch and go live your story. 

"Ramble On, Brother" is a story of adventure and friendship.
Written By:
Dustin Wilson
Ben Carroll
Matt Best
Jake Hindes
Zach Hindes
Rob Lunetta
Derek Fearheiley


The Early Years

Early on, the Hindes brothers’ supportive father told them, “If you’re gonna ride it, you better know how to work on it.” He taught them during their impressionable years how to maintain what they rode, giving them the freedom to ride their machines as hard as they wanted knowing if something broke, they knew how to fix it and get back on the trail. That passion never left them and the brothers learned their respective trades through grueling hours of hands-on fabrication for elite race teams and Jake even burnt the midnight oil to earn a degree in engineering and further perfect his craft. From humble beginnings in a personal garage where Waylon could be heard ‘round the neighborhood and ‘shine was passed around a sprawling friendship circle, Prism Supply began to expand, organically, at a time their vision was needed most.   

Present Day

Today, you’ll find the Hindes brothers inside their spacious shop in the heart of Charlotte, a burgeoning area called Camp North End. The site of the very first Congregation Show, the Hindes brothers now call this retired Model A factory home. What hasn’t changed is their passion to design, create and fabricate timeless, quality parts for timeless, quality machines, just like the building’s predecessor.

Prism Supply is a collective of those individuals who’ve the Hindes’ brothers have had the opportunity of creating parts for, building bikes alongside, or going on rides with. Those lasting relationships they build lasting parts for.


Photos by @jonathanryantaylor

December 27, 2017

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