Hooligan Hoedown Campout Checklist

We’re putting the finishing touches on Hooligan Hoedown No. 7 that's happening this weekend.  And we’re feeling really thankful that this tradition has been running strong for seven years now.  Holy crap, that’s a long time and more than anything we want to keep a good thing going.  

In order to do that, we’ve got to follow some rules.  And while rules aren’t our favorite thing, we think these ones are pretty great because it means we get to come back to Bandit Town, everyone stays safe and, most importantly, we don’t start any fires. 

Consider these your Hooligan Hoedown No. 7 Campout Checklist and a few hot tips of things to remember beforehand:  

- A big thing: NO FIRES. We all know how devastated California has been by wildfires and we cannot stress enough how careful you have to be with your smokes. No campfires, no burning of anything, just no fire.

- Camping is covered with your Hoedown ticket and will take place on the grass only.  There will be camping on Saturday night only and it’s tent camping only. That means no campers or RV’s or cars in the grass. We think this keeps things fun, and you can’t drive in on 4-wheels anyway.  So ride your bike or be ready to pack in and pack out.  Also, pack some snacks there is only one meal provided with your ticket. And don’t forget your camping gear!  We love you but not enough to share our tent.

- No outside booze allowed, but worry not, we’ve got great sponsors like 805 Beer, Drink Slow and Low, Union Wine, and Bandero Tequila. So be ready to pick your poison.

No pets on the propertyWhile we love our dogs more than most things on this earth, even they can’t come to this event. 

Treat everything in the area with the utmost respect. Bandit Town USA is a special place, let’s keep it that way. So, keep it clean and pick up after yourself, parking lot, all toilets, camping area, everywhere.

We know most of this stuff is common sense, but sometimes that goes out the window when you’re having a good time. So, be on it and help us keep a good thing going.


- Your HH No. 7 ticket covers: a Hearty Dinner + 1 Raffle ticket + Ticket to see Gethen Jenkins & Moonsville Collective live + HH Party Pack (while supplies last)

- Tattoos by Premier Oakland Tattoo: there will be special deals, but nothing free)

- Hooligan Games: safety helmets provided by Biltwell!  If you're interested in participating, you can sign up here: Hooligan Games

- Attendees are responsible for other meals. For the morning of Sunday, 9/30, Bandit Town will be open for food to help cure your hangover. However, attendees will need to pay for breakfast with their own money that morning.

- Mechanical Bull: $5 CASH ONLY

- On-site vendors this year will include: Scrambler Ducati, 805 Beer, Slow & Low, Rumpl, Anvil, Jada & Jon, Redwing

This event is rain or shine. Tickets cannot be refunded.

September 26, 2018

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