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Hooligan Hoedown 7 Event Recap

Hooligan Hoedown 7 Event Recap

Hooligan Hoedown No. 7 Event Recap

If you were there, high-five! If you missed it, see you next year! And if you helped make it happen, thank you!

This year's Hooligan Hoedown was arguably our best yet, with a killer turn out, an incredible raffle, and more booze than we could consume. It was on all accounts a time to be had and have it we did. We jousted on mini bikes, got tattooed, rallied, ripped, and got a nice buzz. Ya know, there is something really special about getting together this community we have. Because we're all off busy living our lives and traveling and linking up now and then. But the Hoedown is so much more than that and it's events like this that remind us why we started all of this in the first place and what we aim to create in the future.

We're nothing without all of you and we're damn proud of what we've made.  A special thank you to all...

Our host: Bandit Town, USA
Our sponsors: Scrambler Ducati, Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys, Biltwell, Inc.
Our drink sponsors: 805 Beer, Bandero Tequila, Union Wine, Drink Slow and Low
Our vendors: Rumpl, Jada & Jon, Anvil, Red Wing Heritage, Scrambler Ducati

Our raffle givers: Red Wing, Freenote, Yeti, Raen, Understated Leather, Rumpl, Levis, Midnight Rider, Rill Simple Tools, Lucky Bastard Co., Colfax Design Works
Our fun makers: Shutter Bus Co. PhotoBooth, Brendan Mainini Portraits, and tattoos from Matt Decker and Paul Klenk
and our musicians: Gethen Jenkins, Moonsville Collective, Noble Grizwald

Looking for your Hooligan Hoedown photobooth images? Head over to Shutter Bus Co. to check them all out as well.

For without all of you, this would not even be close to possible. See all you hooligans next year!

Big thank you & shout out to @briananselmo and for supplying below photography!

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