Remember that one time you were at the coast, the water temps dropped to 50º Fahrenheit, and you had nothing to warm you up except for that beat-to-shit 4/3 and that pathetic car heater? Well, we have you covered next time you approach that beloved coastline...

What's our take on one of the simplest ways to warm the body and soul? A hot toddy. Yes, there's nothing like a piping hot blend of bourbon, coffee, a bit of lemon + honey to get things going. And there's almost an addicting craft to making something so delicious, especially on a frigid-offshore-blowing coastline.

Here's our recipe for an easy-to-craft-anywhere Hot Toddy with a few simple steps:

1.) Heat water
yea, we know, pretty obvious...

2.) Grind x press your coffee (or pour over if you have that extra time)
We've been using coffee from @sundream, a local crafter from the Ventura, CA area that we've been slightly addicted to here at the office...

3.) Add lemon and honey
twist or teaspoon to your liking...

4). Pour some bourbon into it
very important, do not pass this step

Final step: sit back and enjoy.

November 16, 2020

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