Iron & Resin x Ridgemont from Iron & Resin on Vimeo.

If you ride, and you've been blessed (cursed?) with a sense of style, you know how hard it is to find a decent pair of shoes. Something more protective than Chucks, and less clunky than full-on boots. Something you can wear throughout the day and not look like a cast member from Mad Max. Actually, Mad Max is pretty awesome, but you know what I mean. Anyway, problem solved. Meet the Iron & Resin x Ridgemont Outback. Built to ride.

Iron & Resin x Ridgemont

We're not so naive as to believe that we're inventing a category here, but we do think we're jumping pretty far out in front of a category that's sorely lacking in style. But rest assured, we're not stopping at making shoes that look cool. No, we’ve endeavored to create a very special pair of shoes with some real riding functionality built in. Packed with more utility and features than your favorite multitool, this shoe is designed to stand up to all but the most extreme environments. Two wheels or four, wet or dry, mountain or hill — these shoes are ready for whatever adventure you throw at them.

So you want a pair? Awesome, so do we! We're doing something a little different for us; we've launched a Kickstarter campaign to help get this thing off the ground. Cruise on over to the campaign page and help us get em funded!

January 30, 2017

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