let's go back to the 1800s for a second here. while it may be very hard to imagine in today's digitally-driven-world, full of expectations of instant gratification, imagine the dedication to a handmade craft one would need 200 years ago. I mean, how often do we think about something like that? rarely. now a man working with his hands was really the only option at the time, but for Edwin White to be the first of three generations of bootmakers to span across the entire U.S. from the 1850s to the 1970s - that's absolutely remarkable. what' even more phenomenal? the White's legacy is still around today. truly the last of a dying breed.

The Legend Of The Last Of A Dying Breed:
150 Years Of Quality Craftsmanship

The Legend Of The Last Of A Dying Breed:
150 Years Of Quality Craftsmanship

taking it back to the late 1800s, Otto White learned bootmaking from his father, a skill passed on by his father who learned on the job shoeing loggers and soldiers in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia. by 1910, Otto White grew from the legacy of a one-man bootmaking shop to the White Shoe Company of Spokane, WA. the perfect railroad town that connected the PNW to the East and Midwest - the perfect infrastructure for a bootmaker's business. so by 1915, you can probably imagine why White's Boots easily developed a reputation for making the most durable and comfortable boots money could buy.

The Legacy Of White's Boots Continues:
Still Hand-making Boots The Same Way

The Legacy Of White's Boots Continues:
Still Hand-Making Boots The Same Way

to this very present day, White's Boots continues to do everything by hand. the refinement of a craftsman's skillset from centuries of fully customizing boots for the harshest demands on the frontlines of forest fires, climbing electrical pulls, bucking logs, hunting, you name it. hand-sewn, stitch-down construction, entirely rebuildable for years-and-years of value. all handmade in Spokane, WA. we couldn't be more excited to partner with White's Boots again on another absolutely stunning set of boots.

the legacy of White's Boots started and continues with the hand-sewn construction the White's family lineage of bootmakers have been using for more than 150 years. an authentic pair of White's Boots passes through skilled hands at each-and-every step in the construction process. the custom fit, the comfort, and lifetime durability are all a result of the value of work that White's continues its dedication to today, and a big part of why we are so excited to work with them again.

An Exclusive Collaboration With White's Boots:
These Can Only Be Found At Iron & Resin

An Exclusive Collaboration:
These Can Only Be Found At Iron & Resin

when we thought about what our dream pair of heirloom quality boots would look like, it wasn't too hard for us to decide... well, maybe. since White's Boots has such a beautiful assortment of badass boots - from the Fire Hybrid for our amazing Firefighters trekking that unpredictable terrain, to the Perry for that everyday iconic work boot style - we had no doubt who we wanted to partner up with for a Summer 2021 boot.

whether we'll be helping friends rebuild a perimeter fence on their ranch property by Highway 33 or ripping into the office up PCH, we know the style of boot we dig (and the quality we need). something that's super durable but light enough to feel that shifter peg on our bikes. a boot built on a last that delivers instant support and comfort without the need for that dreadful "break-in period" that seems to haunt us with every pair of boot we've gone through. what we need is a purpose-built boot that'll mature as we abuse them and only get better with each passing day.

Limited Edition Boots Built For Adventure:
Available In Both A 350-CS Boot + MP Service Boot Design

if you’ve been following us for any amount of time you’re likely to know our dream pair of boots is made by our friend over at White’s Boots. lucky enough for us, we’ve had the opportunity to partner with them on two custom styles that truly are what we consider the holy grail of boots.

for our latest collaboration with White’s Boots we brought back the two pairs that haven’t only become our go-to boots; but, have become some of the most sought after items we've ever put out. re-introducing: the White’s Boots x INR MP Service Boot and the White's Boots X InR Distressed Rough Out 350-CS Boot.

Iron & Resin x White's Boots Distressed Rough Out 350-CS:
Distressed Rough Out Lower + Smooth Upper

The Distressed Rough Out 350-CS:
A Seidel Tanned Rough Out Leather

we went with White's 350-CS cut for this collaboration. its progressive styling is built with White's traditional Hand-Sewn Stitchdown Construction, this means each one of these boots are hand-lasted, hand-welted, and hand-bottomed by one of White's master bootmakers. this process requires more than 25 individual stages - all performed by hand. this process has a very long history of craft, attention to detail, and heirloom quality that is a dying breed in today's world of fast-fashion. hand-welting boots is by far the most durable construction available on the market, and is completely rebuildable. talk about investing in quality product that'll last a lifetime, right?

for this one we went with a 6.5 - 7oz Distressed Rough Out Seidel Tanned Leather. each boot comes standard with a 6-inch full grain water resistant leather upper and are built on a Vibram® Wedge Sole and again, these hand-welted boots can be completely rebuilt/resoled when the time comes. Here are a few other of the important specs and details for these boots:

  • White's Hand-Sewn Stitchdown Construction: each boot is hand-sewn, hand-lasted, hand-welted, and hand-bottomed in Spokane, WA: completely rebuildable & resoleable
  • Built on the White's 55 Arch Ease® last
  • 6-inch full-grain water resistant leather upper
  • Vibram® Wedge Sole (oil-resisting)
  • Insole thickness: 11-12 irons; Midsole thickess: 10 irons
  • 8 solid brass eyelets total, with 3 solid brass speed hooks
  • Half bellows tongue (makes the shoe watertight since the tongue is attached at the sides of the leather upper)
  • Unstructured toe box (presents a slimmer look in the front)
  • Iron & Resin brand logo stamped on sock liner within interior
  • Pull loop on rear for ease of in-step entry
  • 100% handmade in Spokane, WA, USA

if you'd like to see more of these, hit the link below.

Iron & Resin x White's Boots Brown Chromexcel Horween® 350-CS:
Made From A Proven Horween® Leather

Brown Chromexcel Horween® 350-CS:
Made From Proven Horween® Leather

to give you an idea on the craftsmanship that goes into these boots, let's just say you'll probably be passing these down to your grandson's grandson. That is, if you'd ever give them up...

introducing, White's Boots X Iron & Resin MP Service Boot

with about 165 years of boot building experience, each and every stitch on the White’s Boot X Iron and Resin MP Service Boot is made free hand by a master craftsman - hand lasted, hand welted (aka, sewn), and hand-bottomed.

  • 7-8oz Horween Leather Upper in Cinnamon Waxed Flesh
  • Iron & Resin Stamped Logo Sock Liner
  • Completely Rebuildable & Resoleable
  • All Leather Waxed Laces
  • 9 Solid Brass Eyelets Total, with 3 Speed Hooks
  • Iron & Resin Brand Logo Stitched Tongue
  • Vibram TPU Rubber 1/2" Lug Outsole
  • Heavy Duty 10 Irons Thick Insole, 7 Irons Midsole; 11-12 Irons Shank
  • 100% handmade in Spokane, WA, USA

if you'd like to see more of these, hit the link below.

July 02, 2021

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