Ventura is the kind of town that attracts makers and doers. Many of which have chosen to opt out of the hamster wheel 9-5 career in order to follow their own passions and seek out that magical balance of work and play that enriches the soul. Ethics Supply Co. and Takoma Ceramics exemplify this ethos. These are the kind of small batch artisans that we love and that also call Ventura home. So it was a natural fit to design our first candles with them. 

The vessel is handmade by brothers Trevor and Zack Zarker at their Takoma Ceramics studio here in Ventura. Made out of premium American clays and high fired for exceptional durability, this vessel will become your favorite go-to coffee cup or whiskey tumbler when the wax is gone. 

The wax is formulated from organic coconut wax and hand poured here in Ventura by our friends at Ethics Supply Co. with a cotton, lead free wick and a burn time of about 55 hours. We infused the wax with our own proprietary essential oils - scents inspired by the breeze on our faces during warm evening motorcycle rides in our local back country (sandstone, sage brush and mountain juniper ) or our frequent trips up the 395 highway into our beloved Eastern Sierras (spruce, tree moss and birch pitch). 

We made a limited supply of these, so grab one while you can. 

December 12, 2017

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