French Terry: A Knit For Every Season

It’s no secret that French terry has been our go to this season when it comes to knitwear. But what exactly is French terry and what sets it apart from your traditional brush cotton fleece? Simply put, the main difference comes down to the construction. Whereas traditional brushed cotton provides that soft fuzzy feeling we’re all accustomed to, French terry has interlocked loops that allow for increased breathability, flexibility, and temperature regulating properties making it the perfect layer for any and every season.

french terry vs. brushed cotton:

The technique for developing terry was first introduced in the 1800s, but wasn't popularized in clothing up until the 1980s. Coming from the French verb ‘tirer,’ meaning ‘to pull.’ French terry is achieved by pulling long knots of fabric through dense woven fabric, thus creating a smooth, soft surface on the outer and a soft piles of looped knits on the interior. It’s this unique interior looping that ultimately leads to its versatility. These loops form small channels that allow for circulation of air, increased horizontal flexibility, moisture wicking properties, and temperature regulation in comparison to a traditional brushed fleece that is known for trapping in heat and moisture.

the interior details of the interlocking weave that's signature to french terry knit
designed for year-round wearing:

Bottom line, French terry truly be worn year-round. Built from a cozy mid-weight cotton, our French terry knit pieces not only provide necessary warmth when needed on those late summer nights, but due to the looped knit construction found within French terry it provides the perfect breathable piece to layer under your favorite jacket when you need a little something extra. This material truly is one that will serve you for seasons and seasons to come.