White's Boots X InR Distressed Rough Out 350-CS Boot

$ 750.00


Our White's Boots x InR Distressed Rough Out 350-CS Boot is a limited edition boot that can only be found right here at Iron & Resin.

This is an absolutely killer looking boot with the quality construction and lifetime durability we wouldn't expect any less from the master bootmakers at White's Boots. Hand-sewn, hand-lasted, hand-welted, and hand-bottomed in Spokane, WA, these could be the best damn boots we have ever set our eyes on. These "Rambler" cut style boots will truly last you a lifetime. Its progressive styling is requires more than 25 individual stages - all performed by hand - through White's traditional Hand-Sewn Stitchdown Construction process. Hand-welting boots is by far the most durable construction available on the market, making the boot completely repairable and/or resoleable. 

The perfect pair of boots are hard to come by, trust us, we know. But when we first put these on, they fit like they were born on you. Field work, moto rides, camp hikes, you name it - they were made with one thing in mind: to get shit done.

Read our blog post, Our Exclusive Collaboration White's Boots to learn a bit more about why we've collaborated again with these master bootmakers in Spokane, WA.

Specs + Details

• Handmade in Spokane, WA
• Made with a 6.5 - 7oz Distressed Rough Out Seidel Tanned Leather
White's Hand-Sewn Stitchdown Construction: each boot is hand-lasted, hand-welted, and hand-bottomed by one of White's master bootmakers
• Built on White's 55 Arch Ease® Last
• 6-inch full-grain water resistant upper leather
• Vibram® 2021 Wedge Sole (oil-resisting)
• Insole thickness: 11-12 irons; Midsole thickness: 10 irons
• 8 solid brass eyelets total, with 3 solid brass speed hooks
• Half bellows tongue (makes the shoe watertight since the tongue is attached at the sides of the leather upper)
• Unstructured toe box (presents a slimmer look in the front)
• Iron & Resin brand logo stamped on sock liner within interior
• Pull loop on rear for ease of in-step entry
• Repairs: these boots are completely rebuildable and/or resole-able

How They Fit

Since White's Boots run a little large, we suggest that you order these boots in a half-size shorter than your true boot size. If you are concerned about the fit, you can read more on White's Boots sizing here.

Wash & Care

Our goods are meant to be worn in, not out. With the correct care, we want our customers to be able to treat their gear with the tough love it was intended to take. Take a look at our Wash & Care Guide to keep your goods performing for a lifetime.

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when we thought about what our dream pair of boots would look like, it wasn't too hard for us to decide... well, maybe. but since our friends at White's Boots of Spokane, WA are known for their master-craftsmanship of some really badass boots, we had no doubt who we wanted to partner up with.

our White's Boots X InR Distressed Rough Out 350-CS Boot is a limited edition that can only be found right here. just recently launched today, this is an absolutely killer looking boot with the quality construction and lifetime durability characteristics that we wouldn't expect any less from the master bootmakers of White's.

white's history:

the legacy of White's Boots started and continues with the hand-sewn construction the White's family lineage of bootmakers have been using for more than 150 years. an authentic pair of White's Boots passes through skilled hands at each-and-every step in the construction process. the custom fit, the comfort, and lifetime durability are all a result of the value of work that White's continues its dedication to today, and a big part of why we are so excited to work with them again. to this very present day, White's Boots continues to do everything by hand. the refinement of a craftsman's skillset from centuries of fully customizing boots for the harshest demands on the frontlines of forest fires, climbing electrical pulls, bucking logs, hunting, you name it. hand-sewn, stitch-down construction, entirely rebuildable for years-and-years of value. all handmade in Spokane, WA. we couldn't be more excited to partner with White's Boots again on another absolutely stunning set of boots.

each one of these boots were built with White's traditional Hand-Sewn Stitchdown Construction. this means each are hand-lasted, hand-welted, and hand-bottomed in Spokane, WA by a master bootmaker. the process requires more than 25 individual stages, all performed by hand. the end result? heirloom quality and the highest level of durable construction available on the market. a dying breed in today's world of fast-fashion...our two leather options come standard with a 6-inch full-gain water resistant upper and are built on a Vibram® 2021 Wedge Sole. we won't get into all the small details here, but we're talking about amazing comfort and a boot that'll last a lifetime.