keep your gear going strong for the long road home.

our wash
& care guide

we want you to have the freedom to put our gear to use not only when you first unbox them, but for year-and-years to come. but with hard usage comes a need for care and proper washing. if you have any specific questions that may not be listed in our Wash & Care Guide, feel free to shoot us an email at, hit that live chat button in the corner, or give us a ring at 1.805.515.3353

check the care label first, but here are our tips for caring for your gear:


hands down, with many garments, washing cold and hang drying is always our first choice. graphic tees, basic knits, flannels, button-ups and hoodies should be washed on the gentle cycle in cold water, then either lay flat to dry or hang dry. these tiny steps help retain the life of the garment's material and assist in retaining the shape and size of your beloved gear.

when in doubt, always read the clothing care label on your garment.


waxed cotton canvas is one of our favorite materials to use in our production line. that's because good things never go out of style and great things get better with the passage of time. the more usage waxed canvas gets, the better the look-and-feel. with the correct canvas care steps, waxed canvas can last a lifetime.


getting a new pair of denim jeans can be one of the greatest things... all you really want to do is break those suckers in, wear them proudly, sleep in them, and a lot more. so when it comes to knowing how to properly break those jeans in, and care for them, it shouldn't involve an overwhelming search on the internet.

hit the link below to read through our proper care guide for Enduro Denim Jeans.
wondering about the best way to break them in? check this blog post out.

"The quality is off the chain! Has a great fit I’m glad I ordered a size up normally a 34” but I got the 36” has some room for shrinkage. They feel great and not too stiff. Seems I’ll have these for a while well worth the money!"
— Joshua on Enduro Denim Jeans
"Such a great jacket. So versatile and how many compliments can one guy get on a jacket. Perfect for many different occasions. If you are thinking of getting one just do it and wear it all the time, the more I wear the more comfortable and form fitting it becomes"
— Patrick on Rambler Jacket
built to last.