for better or worse, life is full of compromises. be them big or small these pesky decisions seem to rear their ugly heads far more often than we'd like.

if you're anything like us you're tough on your gear. and while you want to wear something that feels good on your back, you often times are left with an itchy or scratchy basic in the hopes that it will at least last you a few wash cycles.

enter, the Standard Collection. we built this collection to eliminate just that issue. these basics are overbuilt (aka they'll actually stand up to your daily deeds) and comfy enough to sleep in. what's the catch, you ask? it might just be the fact that you'll find yourself continually scheming ways to wear these every day of the week.

there's no doubt that our Standard Collection was created to provide that everyday comfort needed for that everyday wear, no matter where you're headed. from our 5-star highly recommended Stock Tee to our tried-and-tested Libertad Crew, we can proudly state that our quiver of basics is anything but the ordinary.

the hardest part? deciding on which one...