Re-Introducing The Kennedy City

Shwood X Iron & Resin

if you've come to know anything about us through the years it's most likely that we like to keep things simple. no matter if we're out on the road, running up the coastline in pursuit of the next swell, or wrenching in the garage, we believe you should take only what you need and leave the rest behind. this way of living has translated into our product. we take pride in building gear that is simple, functional, and long-lasting.

between Shwood and Iron & Resin, there's a mutual appreciation for the balance of style and function. the ethos that everything should serve a purpose course through the DNA of both of our brands. over 5 years ago we first partnered with our friends at Shwood to create what we view as the perfect pair of eyewear, enter: the Shwood x Iron & Resin: Kennedy City Glasses.

these glasses are much more than those cheap dollar store spectacles that, let's be honest, you could care less if you lose. no, no, these glasses have been years in the making. we've taken what we've learned from our previous collaborations and refined them time and time again, creating the perfect pair of eyewear. the Shwood X InR Kennedy City glasses feature a clear lens with our Memory Metal clip-on polarized lenses. that means an easy on-and-off functionality that will easily keep 'em there while racing along those backroads. pair that with ultra slim wire temples for in-helmet comfort, an Italian cellulose acetate frame, 5-barrel German hinges, and 100% UVA/UVB protection, and you're guaranteed to have a pair of glasses you'll be wearing for life.

this redesigned sunglass clip offers unparalleled versatility and effortless interchangeability. no matter if you're riding into the sun, or taking the long way home after a long night these lenses will keep your eyes perfectly shielded through it all.

inspired by the originality living within our bikes, the collaborative glasses and tank bag reflect a raw yet refined aesthetic and the functionality to get us where we need to go. through countless hours experimenting, testing, and refining, our magnet and strap mountain system allows for effortless interchangeability on both products, allowing you to focus on what matters, the road ahead.