Iron & Resin and Refueled come together to premier their first collaboration. "Explore America", a theme adopted from Refueled magazine’s current issue, is presented in a collection of American-made embroidered patches for jackets, workshirts, backpacks or caps. Refueled has always been about the collaborative nature of publisher/creative director Chris Brown. A nature and style that is strongly American rooted. Their "about" page says it all - "It's Americana in all its tattooed dusty glamour. It's a motorbike and a dirt road and a soundtrack, written down, and sketched on a tattered piece of parchment. You can taste it. Fashion that comes from a sexy grit, a rough hewn romance, and honor to roots. Music of the same integrity - with glamorous vintage dirty prayers, lovely songbirds, painful honest poets and honorable degenerates. Beautiful song craft and sweet mad characters. There's the rolling wave and the riders, bikes and boards and artistic adventures in nature. Urban decay and suburban lost horizons and roads that go on forever. The quest to find not the end of the road, but all the beauty along the way."

To get yourself a set of these 3 limited edition patches, go HERE.

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May 15, 2013

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