• We want to see your garage built, customized, blood and sweat composed two-wheeled machine. Snap a photo of yours and share on Instagram. Tag your photos with #snapyourride and #ironandresin and we'll find it.

  • Every week we'll choose five photos for voting on Facebook, plus you'll win a $50 Iron&Resin gift card for being a top pick. The photo with the most "likes" will move onto the final four for a final vote and even bigger grand prize, a $250 gift card. To vote, like us on FB, and then like your pick of best looking ride for the week.

  • Contest ends June 24, 2012.

  • By submitting photographs to us, you represent that you are the owner or have permission from the owner to do so at no charge for editorial use. You further represent the photos are not manipulated insofar as depicting reality and have not used electronic means to introduce or remove content from the photograph. You authorize, Iron & Resin, and any of its agents or affiliates to publish and republish the photo, but not to sell individual reproductions of your work. You retain ownership of the work and in no way surrender any copyright. You also agree that you as owner or artist of the offered work may be identified as such when published, and that there is no guarantee of publication made by acceptance of your submission.
May 15, 2013

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