When we got word from the Sideburn magazine team that Dirt Quake was making its debut in the USA, we knew it would be an event not to miss. Made the plans to ride up a few weeks prior to the event and was preparing to load up my old police cruiser to make the journey up there, race, and hopefully make it back.

Well, all those plans fell through after some motorcycle mishaps. That involves a whole different journey and a story for another time. Regardless of the motorcycle mishap, we made it to the races and what a show it was.

The evening before Dirt Quake was filled with the professionals racing and showing how it was really done. It is pretty amazing what these guys could do, and the light they did it in was just perfect. Following the pros was a night of camping, music and motorcycle shenanigans. The partying went late into the night, and people were making their own little tracks in the pit but no one seemed to care.

Race day arrived with a lot more people showing up to see this spectacle. It was a very diverse group, as there were classes for street trackers, choppers, inappropriate street bikes and a female class. Bikes ranged from electric motorcycles, to mini bikes with sidecars, a pizza bike, raked out choppers and snowmobiles. Each category was a blast to watch and they all got multiple chances at glory. Not as many spills as I expected to see and the competition was stiff all the way to the finals.

It was all smiles at the end of the day, some people taking home trophies but everyone bringing home memories. An event to remember and looking forward to where this will go in the future.

photos and story by Samson Hatae

July 07, 2014

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