Photos by Dylan Gordon & Samson Hatae

This Last Wednesday a few of us took off after work, booked it out of Ventura and embarked on a small overnighter in the local mountains.

For some of us, most of our time is spent sitting behind a computer firing off emails that are impersonal and lost in text. We are often victims of routine, and with that being said...monotony will kill you. Its small trips like this, where we truly loose ourselves and have a chance to put aside our vocational obligations and personal problems.

With pristine views, fresh air, good people and the feeling of being on your bike with the wind rushing through you as if you were almost transparent, it is safe to say that this is truly what it means to live.

Whether its on a motorcycle, car, or by foot, adventure is out there. We encourage you to get get lost, step outside your comfort zone and live!

July 11, 2014

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