Some things just go well together.

Peanut butter & jelly. Wine & chocolate. Burt and Ernie. There’s nothing better than a proper pairing, and there isn’t a duo more notorious than the makings of our latest get together: Tattoos and Brews.

We teamed up with our homies at Nal Tattoo, House Beer, and Revive Kombucha to crack some cold cans of our favorite fermented beverages and go under the needle. People came for brunch, People came for beer, others came for the $50 dollar tattoos. The point of the event was to bring our favorite activities, people, and brands together to enjoy a sunny, Southern California Sunday afternoon.

And enjoy it we did.

There was never a doubt that a day of sun, ink, and brews would go awry—some things are just meant to be—but the event met our every expectation. Scope the photos below as well as more about each brand.

About Nal Tattoo

Nal Tattoo’s studio in Downtown Los Angeles has been gaining steam for years as a go-to for new ink in the city. His attention to detail doesn’t go unnoticed, as you’ll see on his Instagram, where he features many of his latest works. From bulldogs to birds to roses, his work is definitely worth a second look.

About House Beer

House was born out of a dissatisfaction from having to choose between beers that were great for drinking and beers that tasted great. House Beer is a premium crafted lager that ditched all the pretense, complication, and noise. No light version. No seasonal brew. Expertly brewed with quality ingredients and crafted to simply be the perfect beer and nothing less. Always in Good Taste.

About Revive Kombucha

Conscientious people won’t drink just anything. We want a drink that’s delicious, good for the body, great with food, and made carefully by ethical, caring people. Revive Kombucha launched with this mission: to make an amazing tasting kombucha that people loved and felt good about.

The end product? A great Kombucha that is organic, vegan, raw, packed with probiotics and really tasty, and people kept asking for more. And it paired great with tattoos.

February 20, 2018

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