We've always thought of Portland as a home away from home. 

Nestled away in the Pacific Northwest, Portland has been a safe haven for artists and makers. Their inclination towards weirdness has made the town a favorite of ours, whether it be their stable of delicious breweries or blossoming scene of bikers. 

Red Clouds Collective, a staple of the Portland makers scene, has been an inspiration and aspiration for the Iron and Resin team. Their dedication to their craft is something we truly admire, making them an obvious choice for our latest Makers Series installment. And thus, here we are:


Seth and Casey Neefus are brothers and they grew up in Upstate, NY. They were taught the importants of using their hands and learned as many crafts as possible from a very young age.  They spent their spare time skateboard, snowboarding, making films and building ramps while growing up. As the years went on their skills have been refined and the many adventures in their lives have brought them together to create a collection of products made in Portland, Oregon. Red Clouds Collective is their livelihood and all of their energy is put into making timeless products that will help you in your daily lives.

Based in Portland, Oregon, Red Clouds Collective makes everything in their shop on vintage sewing machines and traditional leather working tools with the best possible materials. When they are not at their shop the team can be found riding dirt bikes, working on old Triumph Motorcycles or playing in the woods.

Always Better With Time

The goal since the beginning has been to make useful products that will stand the test of time. We consider the functions and materials as much as the look and design.  We want the products that we make to become part of someone’s life and be something they are proud to own. Everything we make is inspired from necessity and when the idea turns into something we can hold and use it immediately takes on a life of its own. Leather and Waxed Canvas are two materials that become better with time; they gain character and begin to develop an individual personality based on how they are used.  We love it!

February 05, 2018

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