Chase Halland Interview

Tell us a little about yourself 

My name is Chase Halland, I'm 33 years old, I live in the Pacific Northwest with my wife and two kids, and I make art and handmade goods on the daily. 

Explain what you do in 100 words.

What I do......I make custom taxidermy using Pendleton blankets. Think taxidermy, but instead of fur it's fabric. When I'm not working on custom orders, I'm switching it up with leather work, custom design, hand-lettering, and tattooing.  I travel to a few trade shows a year to show my work and also rent a small retail space in Spokane, WA to sell my art, deer mounts, and handcrafted goods out of.  

What was the inspiration for your latest series?

My inspiration for my latest series.... Honestly, I feel sometimes it's less about the inspiration and more just a burning desire to make something with my hands and try something new.  That's how I started the taxidermy project.  Just dive in, what have you got to lose?!  I've always been drawn to the creative, both in art and the company I keep.  I lived in a small town in Montana growing up where there wasn't much of an "art scene" so I found inspiration from skateboard magazines and skateboard videos in my early years.  In 2003, I moved to Seattle where art was everywhere and everyone was an artist.  I think that drove me to constantly improve and grow and not allow my work to feel stagnant. 

Pendleton Buck

Name something you love, and why. 

My wife and kids...awe:)  haha!  They keep me grounded. 

Name something you hate, and why.  

Big crowds. haha (Im a total introvert). Id rather be behind the scenes than out in front. 

Snapchat or Instagram? Who cares?  

I'd have to go with Instagram on this one. A good amount of inquiries for art come from my Instagram (@farawaylovely) and I don't have a Snapchat.

How do you intend for viewers to interact with your work? Are they tactile? 

 I would say they are very much tactile pieces. Most people think its paint until they get up close and feel the fabric.  

How do you pick your taxidermy, are they real? Did you slay them yourself? 

I make a lot of Whitetail Deer, but there are times where I'll have an idea for a different animal and I can't get it out of my head 'til I try it.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.  The animals are not real. The only real thing on the bucks are the antlers. No, I did not slay them myself. haha I have friends that find the antlers for me or I pick them up at garage sales or wherever. 

Nevada Shirt

If you could taxidermy one mythical animal what would it be? 

HAHA ...hmm Id say a Chupacabra! 

How long does each piece take? 

From ordering supplies to finishing the piece it takes about 2-3 weeks. 

If you could have a beer with any 4 people from the past, present or future who would they be? 

Oh thats a tough one...I would say my late Grandpa, my past self ( just to give me a heads up on a few things coming down the pipe) Nick Offerman....... a Chupacabra in a Pendleton coat. Ha (does that count?) 

Pendleton BuckChase Halland Custom BuckPendleton Buck



November 08, 2016

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