Long awaited and highly celebrated, the launch of our first ever Iron & Resin Women’s Collection is officially here!  When it came time to creating these pieces, there were a few things that were for sure, set in stone, unwavering truths that we wanted to be built into the bones of this line…

We wanted them to be durable as all hell because if you’re anything like the women we keep company with, then it’s hard to keep up with you. We wanted to make them comfortable, wearable, and special. So, this way they were not only the clothes you needed to wear for your adventures, but also the ones you wanted to wear everyday. What we are very proud of is, the entire line is handmade in the U.S.A.


Our Women's Scout Jacket is a lifetime must. The 100% Cotton 8.5oz Martexin™Waxed Canvas makes it the ideal for riding, providing extra wind protection and legitmate warmth. To add to that, there's a 100% Cotton 8.5oz Flannel Lining to make it even cozier on the inside. Because of the nature of the jacket, it will only get better with age, forming to your body and taking on the character of your great adventures.

Another front-runner is the Women's Ranch Coat. When you put it on the instant reaction is, I could do anything in this jacket. Nice large pockets (four of them!) that will actually hold things, a thick 100% Cotton 12oz Duck Canvas that feels perfectly broken in. Great for layering and the ideal length for not only keeping you warm but for getting the job done right. Oh, handmade in the U.S.A.

The collection also includes a number button downs, like the Field Shirt and the Deadwood Shirt, with some cowboy detailing and a chambray that are pure strokes of genius. They’re easy to wear, simple to style and look great tucked in, tied up, or let loose.

And one more must mention, the Women's Workshop Coveralls. The question with these is not what will you do in these, but what won’t you do…

Plus, much more.

So, whether you were posted up out on the ranch, kicking up dust on the trails, hitting the road for the great unknown, or just doing your daily thing you would know that we’ve got you covered.


Video shot & produced by Justin Owensby - cinematographer & filmaker extraordinaire.

The lifestyle imagery pictured above was shot by @Jenavieve with her sister Erin Rose at Rough Out Ranch, an 80-acre ranch in Newbury Springs. With a dry lake bed to rip around in, bunkhouses to shack up in, and an old saloon that’s more cowboy than all of us, it’s a wonder the girls came home at all.

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December 11, 2018


Blake said:

Whats the spoken word part/poem? Sounds Hunter Thompson-esque. Also amazing video and way of showcasing the new collection as always!

Brian said:

Absolutely Gorgeous! Congratulations.

Robert E Jungmann said:

that’s it. perfect. so good. i have not felt the heart beat soul of Southern California for so long. thank you for bringing it.

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