The Wingman Tent

$ 525.00

The Wingman Tent is a limited edition collaboration piece developed exclusively by Wingman of the Road x Iron & Resin. 

Just in for Spring '23, this much anticipated collaboration has officially been released. Working closely with Wingman Of The Road, we've developed one of the most killer camping tents we have ever set our eyes on.


  • Exterior made from heavy-duty, ultra densely woven cotton canvas
    exterior: waterproof, extremely breathable, and hard-wearing
  • High-density foam mattress included that is rolled-up within the set-up
  • Jacquard woven interior that zips on-and-off the high-density foam mattress for ease of washing and/or using outside of the tent
  • Two doors and two windows that zip open and close with heavy zippered hardware: all have a fly screen and canvas layer so you can configure the openings to suit the weather conditions
  • All pole hardware is included: stakes, telescoping poles; rainfly rods
  • Set-up Footprint: 78.7" L x 29.5" W x 27.5" H
  • Wing Awning Length: 49"
  • Rolled-up Footprint: 24" L x  13.4" W x 13.4" H 
  • Weight: 22lbs
  • Intended for single person usage
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an exclusive spring 2023 collaboration

when our two brands first met in Bandit Town California a number of years back, we quickly realized that we shared a lot of the same ideals. beyond our shared love for adventure, we quickly realized that our joint purpose was to create something that could withstand the test of time, and provide the utmost functionality possible. we're not talking about your average flimsy tent setup that falls apart at a hint of rainfall either. no, we're talking about materials that are tough as nails, built to take a beating, and still come out looking as badass as ever.

rarely would you have seen a cowboy without a bedroll on the back of his horse. why would that be any different for the modern day motorcycle rider?⁠ our latest collaboration with the Wingman Of The Road has come to life through a shared love for the old west and all the style that comes with it, simplistic functionality, and the best-in-class craftsmanship.

much more than a motorcycle tent:

sure, The Wingman Tent was intended to be packed on the back of the motorcycle and head pretty much anywhere, but there’s so much more versatility to this tent than just that....

this collaboration tent delivers three differentiation factors that sets it apart from everything else out there: it’s a heavy-duty, ultra densely woven cotton canvas tent, comes with a thick high-density memory foam mattress (that rolls up within it all), and a luxuriously warm Jacquard blanket that zips on-and-off the mattress. it’s literally turnkey as it gets. it rolls up in the cover that doubles as an extra tarp that can sit at the entry point of the tent cabin. it’s highly functional and very, very versatile. an awning zips out that covers your motorcycle tank & seat to create a porch area for storing your riding gear. what else do you really need when out exploring on two wheels?

and even if you’re on horseback, or simply throwing the tent in the back of the rig, you can set this this up anywhere, and in a few simple steps: “roll it out and roll in.

roll-it-up or roll-it-out:

setting up The Wingman Tent is easier than you think. we've timed ourselves before: the unofficial record is about less than 3 1/2 minutes. watch this video to see how simple it really is:

built from heavy-duty densely woven cotton canvas:

all of Wingman Of The Road's Goose tents are made from a heavy duty 420g ripstop canvas. and while still providing legitimate protection from the elements, we chose a slightly lighter weight - but an ultra-heavy densely woven - cotton canvas for our Spring '23 collaboration model. this provides a lot more all year 'round versatility in the California climates. the canvas was not dyed as we wanted to keep the original raw & natural look present. the result is a light sand color allowing it to blend in nicely in a diverse range of settings.

high density foam mattress:

if one thing is certain, it's that sleeping comes easy with The Wingman Tent. included within this seriously turn-key setup is a high-density foam mattress. that's right, it all rolls up easily inside the cabin of the tent. no set up, no blowing anything up, nothing. compared to the inflatable mattress/pad options, there's no contest. if needed, you can take the whole thing out and sleep under the stars.

sherpa lined interior blanket:

instead of a sleeping bag within the interior, we've added our own little touch of luxury and integrated a signature Iron & Resin interior liner to the mattress.

a traditional Navajo print blanket constructed of Jacquard flannel with a warm sherpa interior. it's the same exact build as our Cabin Blanket. the massive 2.5m squared blanket can easily be zipped apart from the foam mattress to use separately. it'd be perfect for around the campfire or even on the sofa at home.

motorcycle-specific, but versatile for any adventure:

in all, we're really stoked about our Spring '23 collaboration with Wingman Of The Road. we're convinced that, together, we've designed the perfect camping system for the backroad-style-pitching-a-basecamp-anywhere we've grown to love.